Fluoride Varnish Program

Protection and Prevention

The germs that cause tooth decay can be transferred from caregiver to child.  Fluoride varnish acts as an additional layer of protection to prevent tooth decay during childhood and into adulthood.

From First Tooth to Age 4

The fluoride varnish can be applied for the first time as soon as baby has budding teeth.  The varnish should then be applied four times a year for children up to the age of 36 months.

Quick and Easy

Fluoride varnish is painted onto the child’s teeth like nail polish.  There is no dry-time required, the child can start eating and drinking again right away.  The varnish is not painful and it tastes great!

Schedule Your Appointment

Let the office know you are interested in the fluoride varnish! 
They will help schedule an appointment or arrange to add time onto an existing appointment, if possible. 

Little to No Cost

Depending on insurance, the varnish application may be completely covered.  Uninsured patients have an affordable self-pay option.

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Objective of Program

To prevent early childhood caries and tooth decay in the children of Woodford County

Dental Health Screening

The nurses will ask questions about the child’s dental and oral health to see if the varnish is necessary.